Sabre|Quality Assurance Developer Intern|May 2018 - August 2018

  • Developed a Spring Boot RESTful Web Service to automate pulling of historical error occurrences from database. Information is displayed with results of automated tests to help determine severity of errors produced during testing.
    • API was developed in Java, using multithreading and connection pooling to ensure proper stability and scalability as tool utilization increases over time.
    • Utilization of this tool significantly decreases time needed for error analysis, helping to ensure stability and proper performance in software releases.
  • Collaborated with international teams to ensure proper functionality and hosting of tool to be used for test reporting.
  • Developed a social media business case to be judged by company executives in an Intern Case Competition.
    • Worked with an intern team of developers, financial analyst, human resources, and business operations to develop a case detailing implementation, cost, and return on investment over a five-year period.
    • Competed against two other social media teams to advance round 1 of judging by company employees.
    • Won 1st place & People’s Choice Award in final round, judged by company executives, against three other teams.

Kumon of Plano-Shepherd|Instructor|May 2016 - August 2017

  • Tutored students ages 4-16 in developing math and reading comprehension skills to help advance their academic ability and interests.
  • Led implementation of student & employee check-in process, optimizing efficiency and accountability.


University of Texas at Dallas

B.S in Computer Science December 2018

Relevant Computer Science Coursework include the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence - Course focuses on problem solving by search, using uninformed search, informed search, constraint satisfcation, and adverserial search. Game theory and knowledge reasoning through inference, theorem proving, and probablistic reasoning using Bayesian networks.
  • Machine Learning - Developing algorithms for creating computer programs that can improve their performance through learning. Covered topics are cross validation, decision trees, neural nets, computation learning theory, Hidden Markov Models, and supervised and unsupervised learning.
  • Computer Networks - Design and analysis of computer networks, covering the ISO reference model, transmission media, routing, congestion control, internetworking, and connection management.
  • Operating Systems Concepts - Operating System design, implementation, and usage. Also covered is process management, memory management, file systems, and deadlocks.
  • Database Systems - Design and implementation of Database management systems. Course material focused on SQL, JDBC, Data models, data description languages, index organization, file security, data integrity, and reliability.
  • C/C++ in a Unix Environment - Utilizing object oriented programming techniques while also becoming familiar with a UNIX environment.
  • Algorithm Analysis & Data Structures - Big O-notation and time complexity analysis of various data structures including stacks, queues, trees, heaps, hashing, and various sorting techniques.
  • Discrete Mathematics - Study of advanced counting methods, reccurence relations, and graph theory.
  • Software Engineering - Study of software life cycle models, techniques for software design and testing.
  • Digital Logic & Computer Design - Boolean algebra and logic circuits; gate level design, registers, and memory unit; Design of data path and control unit for a small computer.
  • Organization of Programming Languages - Principles of design and implementation of programming languages.


Java Projects

  • Emotion Parser - Developing a program that reads in a sentence of text and attempts to determine the underlying emotion of the given text.
  • Web Crawler - Web crawler that searches for a user given phrase, and searches for it on a selected website and any sublinked pages.
  • Kumon Book Tracking Application - Allow Kumon owner to keep track of answer booklets being checked out and track which students have a book at any given time.
  • Huffman Compression - Recreated the Huffman Algorithm, which uses frequency trees to have lossless data compression.
  • Math Matrix Solver - Created a program that models and solves math matrices.

Android Applications

Helped design user interfaces & develop on various Android Applications published on the Google Play Store

  • Smart Actions: Currently in development, allows the user to automate actions based on trigger events determined by the user. Example of this is the user setting the phone's Ringer volume to a specific level upon arriving to a GPS region designated as "Home" or "Workplace"
  • Power Wi-Fi: Automating the activation or deactivation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based on set events
  • Total application downloads are over 100,000

Tools & Frameworks

  • High-level & Scripting Languages: Java, C, Python, Perl, Bash
  • Frameworks & Tools: Spring Boot, Cucumber, Selenium
  • Markup & Web Styles: Exposure toHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML
  • Database Languages: mySQL
  • Version Control: Github, Bitbucket

About Me

As a computer science student at the University of Texas at Dallas, I'm always on the look out for changes in the technology field. My projects outside of standard school coursework are usually inspired from anything that interests me, let it be the news of the day, or something I come across while walking about. I believe in doing things that interest you, or finding a way to make what you are working on interesting, and by doing that, I always have a strong interest in any project I take up.